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New Products 2015/I (Spring)

New Products 2015/I (Spring)
MB Building Kit System
Guard and protect: The robust item Collision Guard L protects racks in loading and transit areas from collisions. This mechanical covering for corner areas in line with German health and safety guidelines DGUV Regulation108-007 acts as a fixed guard to prevent vehicles driving into racks as they take a corner. Its black & yellow hazard markings make it a high-visibility guard unit.
Clean and stable: Using two new Profiles X, you can now build complete doors or cells – including centre struts – that are exceptionally easy to clean thanks to the continuous, unbroken surface of the profiles. There are no gaps where residues from cleaning agents and cloths can accumulate.
Connect and support: Angle Bracket Set 8 is a quick and simple solution for creating a friction-based connection between profiles without having to machine them. The new grey Cap creates a harmonious overall look and covers over the screw heads to make cleaning work easier.
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