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Laser Measurement

Fixture Challenge:
The customer wanted a positioning stand for their laser measuring device. Requirements included the capability of precise horizontal and vertical adjustments, and ground level positioning. They searched for an off the shelf solution for quite some time and could not find anything that fit the application requirements.

We accomplished this task by building a frame out of 40x40 light and adjustable knuckle feet with the rubber isolators. Utilizing line 8 positioning sets on the x and y axis, the customer could precisely adjust his laser measuring device to the desired position, resulting in a satisfied customer.

Vision System Fixture

This application required a solution to mount overhead camera arrays over production lines in multiple plants. They needed a standard solution that could be tailored to individual plant needs.

Our solution was a “ladder “type rack. We chose to use the KH because the load requirements were minimal and it fit the target budget. The final product can adjust the cameras very easily in the profile groves to fit each plant’s specific needs.

Robot End of Arm Tooling Quick Change Fixture

Customer needed a solution for storage and positioning of their end of arm robot tooling. Design needed to allow easy access for quick tool changes. The solution needed to move in and out of the work area.

A simple, mobile rack fit both the space and load requirements. The robot can pick different tools off of the rack during the product changeover quickly, greatly reducing the time spent on this task.


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